We go further than most with our ‘local’ deliveries…

For some companies, “local delivery” means a few miles down the road from their depot. But – as with everything else we do – we go further for you. Our delivery network covers a hundred-mile radius from our Welwyn Garden City base, so we cover more of Southeast England than you might expect.

Our delivery zone covers a host of places from Great Yarmouth to Grantham and Brighton to Birmingham, to Southampton to Skegness, Portsmouth to Peterborough and, Derby to Dover. So as long as you’re in our delivery catchment, we can get your trusses to your site within just five working days of receiving your order.

Our delivery area is big enough to allow as many people as possible to be able to source their trusses from us, but it’s still small enough to provide all the benefits of shopping with a local business. So quick, efficient deliveries come as standard; because we’re focused on working with customers (including smaller merchants and local builders, as well as individuals) within a workable radius, we’re not overstretching ourselves and over promising on our timescales.

It also means that we’re able to keep up with demand so you can be confident that the trusses you need – whether they’re standard, mono or attic trusses – will be available when you need them. So, you know that you can count on us to deliver the products you need and keep our promises when it comes to timeframes.

Plus, because we’re part of the Donaldson Group, our business is backed by a great history and heritage. The Donaldson Group’s roots go back over 160 years, so we have a host of experience and expertise to draw on – not to mention some high standards to live up to. We take pride in doing just that, so we go the extra mile, make the extra effort and craft each and every truss we produce with extra care and attention to detail.

We focus on doing a few things and doing them well. So, we put our energy into supplying a range of the most in demand truss styles and sizes. Working with customers within a realistic and workable delivery area, so we can deliver what you need when we say we will.

Sure, we could try to do more, but we prefer to consistently get things right and grow our offering only when we’re sure we can do so without compromising on quality, availability, and delivery.
It means that we’re ready for your order whenever you’re ready to place it. And that when you do, you have the reassurance of knowing that we’ll deliver in every sense of the word.

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