Our experts answer some common roof truss questions

Whether you’re not sure where to start with taking measurements or just need to know the materials we use to manufacture the trusses available from Donaldson Direct, our expert team have the answers…

What are the trusses made of?

Trusses are made of two key components – TR26 imported timber and metal connector plates which join each timber piece together

TR26 is a European quality grade timber and subject to both PEFC and FSC stewardship regulations, so it ticks all the boxes in terms of both quality and sustainability.

Our connector plates are supplied and manufactured by Mitek and conform to the current Euro Codes EC5.

We use the latest CNC technology to cut timbers to the size required to match the customer’s needs.

How do you select which truss sizes to offer?

Thanks to advances in CAD, trusses come in all shapes and sizes. Whilst our most in-demand truss is the Fink type; we are seeing an increased demand for attic “room in the roof” trusses. These are becoming popular because they maximise the footprint of the building, allowing space to create an additional bedroom or home office space.

What sizes of truss are available?

We can make trusses up to 10000mm in span and 4000mm in height – you can view our current range at our product page.

How do I know what size of truss to order?

This will be determined by your planning permission and the details on your architect’s drawing; we can provide you with a quote based on your plans and then supply you with detailed roof layouts and truss drawings to enable you take on site measurements. If you prefer, we can – on request – carry out a site visit and offer detailed advice based on our findings.

How do I know how many trusses I need for my project?

Trusses are generally spaced at 600mm centres. Simply measure the run needed and if required, we can help you calculate how many trusses your job requires. Just get in touch.

How do I know if this is the right truss for my build?

We can advise on whether standard Finks, monos, hips or attic trusses are right for the job based on your architectural plans.

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