Attic trusses

Increased space, increased value – the benefits of attic roof trusses!

If you’re planning a self-build project, an effective way to give yourself the option of more space is to opt for attic trusses.

When designing your new home, space is always a consideration – and even if your planned property seems adequate for your needs now, you never know when you might need more room.

Who knows when you might need a home office, a spare room for guests, or to accommodate the needs of a growing family? Even some simple extra storage space may come in handy in the future!

Opting for attic roof trusses at the planning stage gives you flexibility going forward.

With attic trusses, even if you’ve agreed to the footprint of the build, you still have the option of extra space. Unlike other styles of trusses attic roof trusses don’t have an internal web (timbers forming supports within the middle of the truss). This means that the space where the web would be, is all space you can now use.

Although they are a slightly more expensive option, they add value to your home and that extra space will appeal to future buyers – so even if you don’t think that you’ll use the space yourself, it’s still worth considering using attic roof trusses.

Another advantage of opting for attic roof trusses is the fact that they allow services to be installed more easily, which can help keep your build on budget and on schedule.

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