Attic Roof Truss Benefits, extra space in your home

Embrace more space with attic roof trusses

A home office. A playroom for the kids. An extra spare room so friends and family can stay. A craft room. Or just additional storage space. There’s no doubt that extra space in your home will always come in handy for something. But if the plans of your self-build have already been approved, adding an extra room is probably more hassle (and expense) than it’s worth.

That’s where switching to attic roof trusses can make a difference. They allow you to increase the usable space of your build without increasing the footprint of the property – so you don’t need to change your plans and in most cases, reapply for planning permission.

And because extra space is always an asset, incorporating attic roof trusses into your project also means that you can increase the value of your home, with only a small change to your budget. Even if you don’t need the extra space right now, opting for attic roof trusses instead of other styles, not only gives you more flexibility going forward, but they’ll also more than pay for themselves should you decide to sell your property in the future.

So, what are attic roof trusses? Unlike other styles of roof truss – such as fink trusses – attic roof trusses don’t have an internal web (timbers forming supports within the middle of the truss). This means that the space that would normally accommodate the web is free for you to make use of.

Attic roof trusses also make it easy to install services, which may help keep your project on schedule and on budget – plus it can help minimise disruption if you need access to those services in the future.
They do cost slightly more than other styles of truss, but the price difference is marginal, and the advantages are well-worth it. Attic roof trusses give you increased space, easy access to services, and will boost the value of your property – all without altering the footprint of the build.

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