Roof truss being assembled

Don’t wait to get ready for winter

If you’re keen to complete your build before the worst of the weather gets here – or want to get your project to a point where it can be more easily protected by tarps over the Christmas break – you’re probably keen to avoid any hold ups when it comes to getting supplies on site.  


Donaldson Direct’s quick and easy online service means that you can have roof trusses delivered direct to your site in just five working days. With us, you don’t need to order weeks in advance to get your trusses before the Christmas break. Our speedy service gives you the flexibility to order what you need when you need it. So, you don’t have to down tools while waiting for a delivery if things get ahead of schedule; or if bad weather causes delays, you won’t have your trusses sitting on site and taking up space.  


Being able to get the roof ready and watertight as soon as you can not only means that you can keep your project on schedule, but minimising exposure to the elements can also help prevent problems down the line. Making – and keeping – the building watertight prevents water damage which could impact on the quality of the finished build. Or cause delays and additional expenses if you need to dry things out before completion.  


With changeable weather ahead, it’s good to know you can forecast exactly when your Donaldson Direct trusses will arrive, thanks to our five working day delivery promise.   

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