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As summer comes to an end, the race is on to get your build to the stage where it can easily be protected against the worst of the autumn and winter weather. And that means getting your roof – or at least the supporting structure for it – in place so that you can tarp up and keep the elements out.

Wind and rain can not only cause hold-ups with your project but can cause damage to your build. Water can have a lasting impact on the quality of the build, meaning that if you can’t make your build waterproof in good time, you may need to spend time drying things out to avoid long-term issues.

Having as much of your roof in place as possible before high winds and rain are par for the course, also helps keep you and your site safe, and helps you avoid having to stop work to accommodate the weather.

These are just some of the reasons why keeping your build moving forward so that it can easily be protected – or better still completed – ahead the of bad weather is a key consideration right now. As such, no-one wants to be waiting around for roof trusses – or spending time working on a hand-cut roof when quality wooden roof trusses deliver many great

Roof trusses save you time and money compared to traditional hand-cut roofs, and with autumn and winter storms ahead, trusses can help avoid delays with your build. To help make sure that you know what to expect, (in terms of your trusses at least, sadly we can’t control the weather) when you order from Donaldson Direct, you know that your trusses will be on
site within just five working days. It not only makes planning easier, but it also means you don’t have to store loads of trusses on site for prolonged periods and you can keep your project moving on a timescale that works for you.

It’s not just quick, reliable delivery that sets Donaldson Direct apart, every aspect of the process from ordering onwards has been designed to be fast, efficient, and hassle-free, saving your time and energy for what really matters – working on your build.

Our easy-to-use instant online quotes mean that you just tell us which trusses you need, how many you want and where you need them, and we’ll supply you with a quote within seconds. Need a little more guidance on your order? No problem, upload plans, sketches and other information and we’ll not only help you work out what you need and supply a
cost, we’ll do it within 48 hours (during the working week).

Review your quote and, if it works for you, confirm, pay, and then within five working days, your trusses will be delivered to your chosen site.

Donaldson Direct trusses are ready when you are, so you’re better placed to keep things moving forward. Get your quote, confirm your order and your trusses will be with you in a matter of days – it really is that easy to avoid delays and beat the worst of the weather.

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