A guide to roof trusses – and how Donaldson Direct deliver

We may be a new name in the sector but, as part of the Donaldson Group, we’ve got a lot of experience and expertise behind us. Over 160 years’ worth to be exact. It means that innovation is in our DNA and that we’ve got an enviable heritage to live up to. It also means that you can trust us to deliver what you need exactly when you need it.

In keeping with the Donaldson Group ethos, our offering has been created with your needs in mind and designed to offer the best value for your project. And, because we know that sometimes you just need a price without having to wait for someone to call you back, you can get an instant online quote any time, day or night.

That’s because Donaldson Direct was created to meet the needs of timber merchants, small developers, architects and self-builders, who need roof trusses quickly and within budget. We understand that you don’t always have the luxury of being able to access lots of storage space so you can’t order materials too far in advance. Equally, you don’t want to put your project on hold waiting for key items to arrive on site. We deliver directly to you within 5 working days, so there are no delays and no uncertainty.

As you would expect from a Donaldson Group company, we’re committed to delivering the best products, in the safest and most sustainable way possible. We sustainably source timber to manufacture our products, which is one of the most environmentally-sound materials available.

Why choose trusses?

Trusses are now the most widely used roofing solution – and when you look at the facts, it’s hardly surprising.

Timber roof trusses are simple to erect and offer a flexible solution to a wide range of roofing projects such as new builds, extensions and residential developments.

Because at Donaldson Direct, we’re able to draw on Donaldson Group’s extensive knowledge of the sector, we’re able to offer the most widely used roof trusses for quick, hassle-free delivery. It means that you get a quick quote, a great price and the trusses you need are on site in just a few days.

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